08/08/2019 11:00 - 11/08/2019 23:00

Brecon Fringe Festival 2019 is an open-access event, which means gigs and events over the Fringe are organised and funded independently by local landlords, venue owners and individuals.There is no official commitee - which is probably why it’s so successful! Many of the gigs at pubs, galleries, cafes etc are regulars but anyone can put an event on as part of the Brecon Festival Fringe and we will include it on the programme. Brecon Fringe Festival offers opportunities for local bands to perform (as well as bands from further afield). It also brings money into the town, and this money goes into local businesses therefore directly supporting the Brecon community. Come to the Fringe if you like blues, rock, R&B, comedy, dance and alternative performances as well as occasional bursts of jazz. There are also family friendly events and workshops and children’s entertainment.