Goblin Gwladus audio trail

Gwladus is a goblin that needs your help! Although she knows this area well she is struggling to find the entrance to her underground kingdom – the King tightened up security after a human boy stole some of their gold. In return for your help she will open your eyes to a different world, when a walk up the river wasn’t quite so relaxing. This audio trail presents the information provided in ‘Fossils and Firebricks’ in a way that appeals to 7-11 year olds – and those that like a good old story!

You can choose to listen to the following audio tracks now or download the complete audio trail (8.84 MB) 

Map and Directions            Download

Track 1 - Waterfalls Centre        Download  | Listen

Track 2 - Farewell Rock             Download | Listen

Track 3 - Fossils                          Download  | Listen

Track 4 - Tramway                      Download  | Listen

Track 5 - Corn Mill                      Download  | Listen

Track 6 - Silica Mine                  Download | Listen

Track 7 - Alder Woodlands         Download | Listen

Track 8 - River Confluence         Download  | Listen

Track 9 - Sgwd Gwladus            Download | Listen

Track10 - Trail Level Mine           Download | Listen

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