Crickhowell to Table Mountain - directions

Way to go

From CRiC turn right then shortly (at the monument) turn left along High Street, the main shopping street. Turn right down the alley opposite Cashells the Butcher and pass the library and church. At the main road cross into the school car park and take the path to the right of the school buildings, cross a stream and follow the path to a housing estate. Follow Everest Drive (ignoring side roads) up to the A40 main road. Cross at the zebra crossing, go up the steps, turn left and follow the path and road up to the left of the primary school. Where the road swings right take the path up to the left beside house number 56. The path crosses two roads, then at double metal gates turn left and immediately right over a stile signposted Beacons Way (the Beacons Way is a linear 95-mile/152km route across the National Park). 
From the stile follow the path past the stables and up fields and woods, keeping the Cumbeth dingle and stream on your left and ignoring side paths. 
At the top of the woods cross the stream and walk up the right edge of the field. The path then shares a short section of stream before reaching a walled sheepfold and open hill. Swing right and follow the ascending path keeping the wall and fence on your right. Pass some shooting butts (dating from World War One) and cross a number of small streams. The path levels out as it curves around to the right towards Table Mountain.
Take the stepped path to the summit and breathe in the spectacular panorama. Then walk in the direction of the distant Sugar Loaf mountain (above Abergavenny and looking like a volcano, though it never was one). By the piles of stones take the path downwards through the fort’s old gateway. The path swings left and then you take the grassy path leading down to the right that curves around the lower slopes of Table Mountain.
Enter and leave a small wood at stiles. On emerging from the wood go down the left-hand edge of several fields with stiles then follow the path between hedges. Ten metres before this path crosses a stile and turns sharp left, go through a gate on the right into a field with Wern Farm at the far end. Go through a gate into the farmyard and turn left down the farm track leading to a minor country road.
At the Tarmac road, turn right heading downhill. Take the first right into Llanbedr Road and continue downhill until you reach the main A40. Turn left for Crickhowell centre and CRiC.