Stay safe

Waterfall Country is a fragile landscape that can be easily damaged by the large numbers of people that visit.  By following these guidelines you can help us to keep this place unspoilt for future generations.

We care about you too, so please:

  • Remember to wear sturdy footwear, the walking trails can be steep and slippery underfoot with unguarded drops.
  • Keep to the waymarked paths – most accidents occur when visitors venture off route.
  • Don't be tempted to swim in the water - it can be cold and fast flowing. Even the strongest swimmers have been known to get into trouble
  • Park in designated car parks and remove all valuables and personal details from cars to reduce the risk of theft.
  • Mobile phone coverage is unreliable in Waterfall Country.  Emergency phones and phone boxes are indicated on the map.  For walking, rock climbing or caving accidents call.  Police on 999 or 112 and ask for Mountain Rescue.