Walking with Romans audio trail

Rory your guide will lead you on a tour of Y Pigwn and Waun-Ddu along with Primus, a feisty Roman soldier. Immerse yourself in Rory's world and find out what it what it was like to be a Roman soldier.

The links below allow you to listen to the full audio trail.

For a shortened version of the trail, to be listened to as you walk around the sites, download our app.

Introduction (6MB mp3) 
Stop 1 - Clothing (9MB mp3) 
Stop 2 - Size and composition of the legion (5MB mp3) 
Stop 3 - Why were the Romans here in 70AD? (5MB mp3) 
Stop 4 - Why build a marching camp? (6MB mp3)
Stop 5 - Head up the hill (6MB mp3) 
Stop 6 - Making camp (6MB mp3) 
Stop 7 - Corner boundary of inner camp (5MB mp3) 
Stop 8 - Entrance to the camp (7MB mp3) 
Stop 9 - Turn right to follow the rampart (4MB mp3) 
Stop 10 - Second entrance to camp (5MB mp3) 
Stop 11 - Inside the ramparts (5MB mp3) 
Stop 12 - Back on the Roman road (8MB mp3) 
Stop 13 - Fortlet introduction (3MB mp3) 
Stop 14 - Going off the road to the fortlet (2MB mp3)  
Stop 15 - Fortlet location and remains (7MB mp3) 
Stop 16 - Waun-Ddu (5MB mp3)
Stop 17 - Heading back (4MB mp3)